New Poplock Holmes track


     I cranked out a new track for my Poplock Homes character. A twist of Steam punk, hip hop, and good old fashioned gentleman rhymes, Chap Hop is a cool, underground music scene based mainly in the UK. Poplock Holmes is the ONLY US resident in the Chap Hop scene. Take a listen and pass it on - Poplock Holmes - T2

Circuit Bent sounds


     I like to circuit bend old toys and run them through a looper to create dance music, this is a track I did recently. - 

Food Trucking TV show.


     A created the super coolest show on earth about Food Trucks back in late 2009. We pitched it around and of course a network we pitched to came out with a show featuring our talent and graphics looking suspiciously like ours about 8 months later. I'm not bitter, but we were first on the scene mofo's!

Bot Art - Max Gigarams


Painted on found plywood 3 X 4 feet, this was the first in a series of 3 characters. I paint 18" X 18" versions of these bots to sell at art walk in Downtown LA.