Jerrold Products


     The Smidgen Stick is the result of my second project launch on Kickstarter. You can buy one on Amazon, which I highly encourage you to do! BUY NOW! or visit the website at
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Robots and Bookmarks.


Take a moment and back this robot themed bookmark project on Kicktsarter. You 3 bookmarks for just $5!

What the hell do I do?


When you're all Jack of all trades it's hard to market your skillsets. Luckily the integrity I bring to set keeps the phone ringing. I love to shoot, I love interacting with talent or documentary subjects and translating their worlds through the lens to tell a great story. There isn't anything I won't shoot (except weddings and Porn) but puppets are my favorite. Since there are a limited amount of puppet productions you'll find me shooting Docu Soap, Commercials, Industrials and whatever calls that day. I'm happy when I have a camera in my hand, but that's not where it ends. Click the links to explore.

     I do a little bit of everything but I work mainly as a Director of Photography for Television

I Write and Direct, recently putting my first feature film in the can.

  I paint, my first gallery show is 7/12/12 at the Spring St. Arcade in DTLA.

  I photograph... everything. Still life to Portrait and fine art. 

I make music, most recently Gentleman Hip-Hop more commonly known as Chap-Hop.

If you want to tap into my creativity I am available for commissions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Life is Art. Celebrate it by living it to it's fullest.